Cool eBikes

Moustache do some very cool bikes.  Fullycharged have a great selection and they have hidden ebikes, bosch crank drives and a great riding position for the urban models.  Only ebikes (except for the baby run bike – someone in the design team must have kids) mean they are real experts.

Cube Bikes are german and use bosch tech and have hidden batteries.  Again great looking.

Furo Systems have a full size carbon ebike and a folder bike for shorter journeys at the end of a train commute.  Easy to carry and both great looking.  And some good deals now.

A super cool hipster bike is the Coboc ONE soho.  If you can see past the hipster on the home page it is a very stylish and light bike.  It has a hub drive.  It is well cool and I want one.

KTM have a reputation for some pretty extreme motorbikes but they also do some cool and reasonably proceed quality eBikes with bosch electronics.

Pinarello have an ebike road bike – and it’s quite good value by Pinarello standards. (Cube have one as well.)