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Furo System’s full carbon eMTB

A couple of weeks ago I went for a test ride on a full carbon MTB eBike from Furo Systems.

The Sierra is a carbon full size mtb.  Its’s a great looking bike in the flesh and uses a special type of motor (a Bofeili motor) which sits in the crank but is hidden.  It it sensitive to pressure so it increases the power the more pressure you put on the pedal.

Firstly, it is pretty keenly priced for a full size hidden battery eBike, let alone with a carbon frame.

Secondly, the motor is almost invisible so it looks like you are fully pedal powered.  This bike also has the battery hidden inside the carbon frame so it does look very like a chunky MTB.

Our hero hits the road!

The frame is fully carbon so it is light to lift (so if you are carrying it into a building or lifting it into  car or onto a roof rack).  The weight is 19kg with battery which is pretty good considering it has all the gubbins on it.  It’s not a stripped down bike with a small battery and therefore a small battery life.  It’s a full spec ebike.

It comes with a trip computer. You can see the battery cover in the frame.

As with many full spec bikes it comes with a charging port for your phone and a trip computer showing time left/% of charge in the battery (of course the two may not be the same as time left changes depending on your usage).

If you check out their website they have some good offers on for early buyers.  They are in production mode now so its not like you are buying the promise of something which may never arrive.  You can contact Eliott and Albert through their website.  They are two super clever guys who have come at this from a technical and battery direction, not just a sales direction.

Check out their snowboarding video at this link!


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