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Why an eBike?

Startup-eBikes is a new company which believes in eBikes. I have ridden eBikes in the city and in the forest and they are fantastic. I’m not super fit (I’m not fit…) but I was able to spend a whole morning riding MTB trails in Surrey alongside experienced MTB riders. Any bike which lets an occasional cyclist make it to the top of a ride called “Heart Attack Hill” has my enthusiasm.

eBikes can change the way you enjoy commute, relax and explore.

Think of the distance you could cover and still be fresh for the next day.

Think of the hills you can conquer.

Think of the shopping and goods you can carry.

Think of the children you can drag around.

New eBikes come with hidden batteries which make your ride look much more like a traditional bike.

They allow you to select the level of assistance you want.

Batteries can give anything from 30 miles (easily most people’s daily cycling commute) up to nearly 70 miles on one charge of a large capacity battery. You can get double batteries for touring.

They are green and you can qualify for Green Commute schemes.

They promote fitness by getting a wider range of people cycling who compare to traditional bikes.

They qualify for Cycle to Work schemes.

The higher spec models have an app which kets you monitor your performance and that of the eBike as well as update software.

15 years ago everyone looked down their noses at electric trolleys for golf but now they are everywhere and people raises that the challenge if golf is in the shots – not the simple effort required to get the the ball each time to play those shots.



How does an eBike work?

You have two types of eBike.  Those with a motor in the hub of the wheel and those with a motor at the crank, connecting to the pedals.


Hub motor

A hub motor is more discreet and especially if teamed with a hidden battery.  It look more like a traditional bike and is perfect for town.


A crank motor drives through the chain and is stronger and can work with the gears so that you get more bang for your pedal but they are bulkier and obviously eBikes (if that’s an issue).

This Hub Motor bike is dated now with the battery under the rack but you can get a bike for a low cost with a decent range by keeping the tech tried and tested.  Easy to remove.  But I want one which looks cool.

Most new eBikes at the moment are going for crank mounted motors but there is definitely a place for hub motors in towns and on more style-orientated bikes. Check our my page on cool eBikes.

Shimano Crank Gears Emtb Mountain Bike

They can look pretty smart especially with the hidden or more recessed batteries which are in use much more now.